Webdatacapture.com is your solution to all you Web (Internet) data related tasks.

Webdatacapture.com is a dedicated effort towards bringing in specialized services in internet data related operations for fast growing internet and domestic business opportunities. Internet is a vast pool of data and availability of right data at right time is key to the success and growth in current market.


We ensure that you receive all the needful data that are available on internet at your desk On Demand. Providing business directories with the needful global and regional data's. Empowering sales team with much need full lead generation data's and bringing hidden information for various web data research projects has been keeping Webdatacapture.com team focused and engaged.


With an experience of collecting over 1 million records and still going on, we are building a special position in this domain and are growing steadily. Our services cover the terms like Web data mining, web data harvesting, web data entry, internet data collection, web mining, internet mining, list building, database building, mailing list building etc. All this can be summarized under "Webdatacapture.com"


  1. Web Crawlers
  2. Web Spiders
  3. Web Automation
  4. Web Scripting
  5. Feed Generator
  6. Search Engines Development
  7. Data Management
  8. B2B Directory Content Management
  9. Lead Generation Database Development
  10. Other Customized Data Solutions

  • We bring the much needful information required by business houses to develop and grow in most efficient, accurate and timely manner.
  • We super specialize in our set of tasks and thus bring in more value to money invested in our services.
  • We provide low cost solution as compared to American and European Market Prices, yet maintaining all quality levels.

"Webdatacapture.com team understands there job and specialize in what they do. There is clarity in understanding and perfect ness in execution. I would recommend services and expertise to any business."

- CIO of a leading USA based B2B Portal