About Webdatacapture.com

Webdatacapture.com is a dedicated effort towards bringing in specialized services in internet data related operations for fast growing internet and domestic business opportunities. Webdatacapture.com is a specialized service team of Infinity Business Solutions (Infysol) specifically directed towards Internet Data Collection and Management related activities. Previously the team worked under the direct head of Infysol, in last 4 years team has excelled in its performance, growth and technology development. Thus a compete independent unit has been formed that would direct all its energy and sources towards meeting the global demand of quality web data capturing services.


The team at webdatacapture.com compromises of expert data miners, web research executives, specialized developers for spiders and crawlers along with specialized core team of human data miners. Team is highly supported by a dedicated team of developers who are continuously working toward building new technologies and system for better data mining results. Team has long list of satisfied customers, who continiously seek the expertise and are more than satisfied with the value generated by the services.

"Our expertise in Web Data capturing and Delivering on Time has raise standards of Service in Industry. I look forward to extend our expertise to MEet you Challenges."

- Vinit Malpani, CEO, Webdatacapture.com, Infysol.com