Our Clients

Webdatacapture.com services can be used by anyone. We add the human touch to the data collection, data searching and data managment. Our clients are from diversed field of specializations. Some of the areas of our clients are

1. Online Business Directory Services

2. Online Web Portal (in areas of Health, Ecology, Luxury Products, Alternate Medicienes, Lifestyle Products and many more)

3. Business 2 Business Portal

4. Business Lead Generation Companies.

5. Online Retail or Ecommerce Companies.

6. Data Development and Management Companies.

7. Online Research oriented companies and many more.


"Webdatacapture.com team understands there job and specialize in what they do. There is clarity in understanding and perfectness in execution. I would recomend services and expertise to any business."

- CIO of a leading USA based B2B Portal